Monday, May 17, 2010

Economic Properity Elements - Resource List

Late last year, the blog reviewed Economic Prosperity Elements, and how they differ from typical economic elements of general or comprehensive plans, and invited EDD members to submit links to their Economic Prosperity Elements to EDD. This post provides a listing of Economic Prosperity Elements that were submitted, with some context provided by William Anderson, FAICP, EDD Immediate Past Chair and Director, City Planning & Community Investment Department at the City of San Diego.

Many cities and counties are adding Economic Prosperity or similar elements to their General Plans. These elements help strengthen the link between a jurisdiction’s comprehensive plan and economic development. While most factors that influence economic development are beyond a local area’s control – macro-economic trends, international competition, interest rates, financial markets, etc. – local jurisdictions do have control of factors that can make them more or less competitive in the region, nation, or world. Some of these local factors are traditionally addressed in General Plans, such as land use capacity for industries and targeted sectors, infrastructure efficiency and cost, quality-of-life, housing affordability for the workforce, and environmental quality. Other local factors are not as directly related to land use policies, such as workforce training, education, and access to capital, factors which may be the purview of other organizations and agencies, but are also critical. An Economic Prosperity Element, especially one tied to a regional economic development strategy, can bridge and coordinate these factors and take the General Plan beyond the role of just land use policy. It can also serve as the element that connects a region’s economic development strategy focused on the needs of export-oriented base sectors, to the opportunities for community-level economic development.

This blog provides examples of Economic Prosperity or Economic Development elements from general plans around the country, from small towns to large cities. We hope you can find something useful for your own needs.

EDD is interested in expanding the list provided below, please feel free to submit a link to any Economic Prosperity or Economic Development element that you know of in the comments section of this post.

Thank you,
William Anderson, FAICP
Director, City Planning & Community Investment Department
City of San Diego

Economic Development/Economic Prosperity Elements/Plans Submitted to-date

City of Entiat, WA Comprehensive Plan, Economic Element

Monroe County, Michigan Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

City of San Diego, CA Economic Prosperity Element

Arlington, VA Economic Development Strategic Plan

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